Thursday, February 21, 2019

Elephant & Piggie, Ready to Party!!

This cute cake is inspired by an adorable children’s book series
written by the talented Mo Willlems. 
The 2 main characters- Elephant and Piggie are delightful,
and their stories are funny & entertaining.

The little birthday girl absolutely LOVES these books and she wanted her 
8th birthday cake to include her favorite characters. 

Featured here are Gerald the elephant, Piggie the pig,
and as always, the pesky annoying pigeon had to make an appearance! 
They are ready to party! 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Vibrant Luau Cake!

This striking birthday cake was created for a young lady's
 Luau themed pool party. 

A 'Tiki Mask' was requested for the cake.
 It is surrounded by colorful hibiscus, which is the state flower of Hawaii, 
making it the ideal choice to liven up this Luau!

The Tiki mask and the gorgeous over-sized hibiscus flowers 
are completely edible & handcrafted from sugar paste.

Rear view of the cake, with more hibiscus!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Frozen Fantasy Cake!

This stunning 3-tiered cake, was inspired by 
the popular children's animated movie 'Frozen'. 
The star charaters are surrounded by beautiful edible sugar snowflakes, 
and delicate curlicue design details.

A closeup of the top tier, featuring Queen Elsa, amidst all the magestic snowflakes!

This cake is truly a frozen fantasy!


Below, is another Frozen cake, which is a single tiered interpretation
 of the same theme.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

This delightful cake showcases the adorable cartoon character Peppa Pig, 
and her family, at a fun birthday picnic!
This was custom designed for a little girl's third birthday celebration. 

The cake has many cute details including a handmade name banner, 
a mini cake with 3 candles, a personalized name plaque, 
and of course many muddy puddles
that are so charateristic of Peppa Pig!

This is a Fudge Marble Cake, with Rich Smooth Chocolate Ganache Filling.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Retro 25th Wedding Anniversary Cake!

This anniverary cake was so much fun to design and create!
It was a special request from a loving wife for her husband,
 on their 25th Wedding Anniverary.

She provided me with photos of their wedding day, 
and photos of the old favorite 
Kawasaki motorcycle that her husband owns...
The design request for this cake, was to recreate the bridal couple
 in their retro wedding attire, sitting on the precious red motorbike!

The bride, groom and the motorcycle
 were all painstkingly hand-crafted from sugarpaste,
and are completely edible!

The Cake flavor is a delicious Devil's Food Cake, 
with smooth velvety Vanilla Buttercream filling.
It is covered in textured white vanilla sugarpaste,
and decorated with handcrafted details.

Monday, May 2, 2016

1st Birthday Pink & Orange Giant Cupcake!

This adorable Giant Cupcake Cake,
was created for a little girl's 1st Birthday celebration.

The Giant Cupcake is beautifully decorated with 
vibrant sugarpaste flowers & butterflies,
and a handcrafted, edible number '1',
 prettily perches at the top.

This is a decadent Triple Chocolate Cake, 
with smooth rich semi-sweet chocolate ganache filling.
It is frosted in Vanilla Buttercream and Vanilla Fondant.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pink First Holy Communion Cake.

This special cake was custom designed for a young girl's 
First Holy Communion celebration.
The color scheme for the party was pink & white,
with touches of silver.

Beautiful handcrafted edible details, including a cross, rosary, butterflies 
and personalized name plaque.

This is a decadent chocolate cake with smooth chocolate ganache filling.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Goldfish in a Bowl... Adorable 1st Birthday Cake!

The theme for this adorable 1st Birthday party was Goldfish!

The cake was custom designed for the party,
 inspired by the cute party decor.

The Goldfish bowl is handcrafted and edible, 
with cute sugar goldfish in it.

As an added design feature, the wires with crystals hanging on them
 resemble splashes of water.

Detail views of the cake,
and a coordinating Goldfish themed 'Smash Cupcake', 
especially for the birthday boy to enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Glamour-Girl Pink Zebra Purse Cake!

This stylish & elegant custom designed cake was specially created for 
a young lady's 'Glamour Girl' birthday party. 
The birthday girl requested a pink & black zebra pattern for the cake,
and left the design details up to me.

 I decided to create a stylish purse-cake with a matching lipstick case!
Since the girls were getting their nails done at the party, 
 I also created a personalized edible nail polish bottle,
 to complete the glamorous look! 

This cake is a decadent moist Triple Chocolate Cake, 
with smooth Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3-D Car Cake

This 3-D Car Cake was custom designed for a young man's 6th birthday celebration.
He loves cars & requested this red car birthday cake. 

This is a deliciously moist and fruity strawberry cake,
 layered with smooth vanilla buttercream. 

Rear view of the car cake, featuring the edible personalized number-plate. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gorgeous Pink Princess Cake!

This gorgeous cake is truly fit for a princess!
The design is elegant, delicate & perfectly pink... every little girl's dream.

Close-up view of the top of the cake, featuring the birthday girl's favorite princesses.

The princess figure set was purchased as a special gift for the birthday girl. 
All the other design details of this cake are beautifully handcrafted & edible!

The elegant gold scrolls, pink quilted detail, pearls, butterflies & flowers,
are handcrafted & edible, and add to the grandeur of this princess cake! 

This is a moist Fudge Marble Cake, 
with decadent & delicious Chocolate Ganache Filling.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Curious George Cake!

This adorable cake was created for a little boy who is crazy about
 the cartoon character Curious George.

In the show, Curious George lives with The Man in the Yellow Hat...
This cake features a handcrafted & edible Curious George figure, 
sitting next to the Man's yellow hat.
George is holding a red balloon... and is ready for the party!

Detailed view of the Curious George edible cake topper.

This is a moist Fudge Marble Cake, with creamy White-Chocolate Ganache filling.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4-Tier Lace Wedding Cake

This spectacular 4-Tier Wedding Cake was custom designed with 
delicate edible lace motifs to coordinate with 
the bride's lace trimmed wedding gown. 

The handcrafted green sugar flowers are created in the wedding color &
 the cake is further embellished with sparkling accents. 

The cake design is especially unique with alternating square & round  tiers...

A gorgeous & delectable work of art!

The perfectly coordinated Wedding Cake at the reception. 

Claire-Bear 1st Birthday Cake!

A custom designed birthday cake for a little one-year old girl named Claire, 
who is fondly called 'Claire-Bear', by her adoring family.
The theme for this 1st birthday party was... Teddy bears, of course!!

The color scheme for Claire-Bear's 1st birthday was Pink & Turquoise!
Decorated with adorable handcrafted sugar teddy bears, stylish bows & delicate flowers.

This is a moist Strawberry Cake, with smooth White Chocolate Ganache Filling,
layered with fresh strawberries. 

The coordinating 'Smash Cake', created especially for the little birthday girl to enjoy 
at her a 1st Milestone birthday!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cool Motorbike Cake!

This Custom designed birthday cake was a special surprise 
for a unique young lady's 23rd Birthday.
 She loves motorcycles & also races them! 
The motorbike on this cake is a handcrafted sugar replica 
of the bike that she owns.

Close up of the motorbike- painstakingly handcrafted from sugar!

This is a Red Velvet Cake, filled with smooth & creamy white chocolate.