Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sporty 40th Birthday Cake!

Custom designed 40th birthday cake for a Sports Enthusiast!
Each tier of this cake represents a favorite sport, 
and the man's favorite sports teams.

The top-most tier is the Yankees baseball tier...
featuring a handcrafted baseball bat, ball & the Yankee team logo. 
This tier is white with navy pinstripes to represent 
the Yankee players uniform.
Everything is completely edible!

The 'Jets' Football tier...
Featuring the American football, the 'Jets' team logo,
 and, an edible version of the man's season ticket 
to the Jets games this summer!
All Edible!


The bottom-most tier features his favorite 
college basketball team:
 The  UConn Huskies.


Close-up detail of the man's name & age in stars!

The top & bottom tiers are 
Triple Chocolate Cake filled with Pure Chocolate Ganache.
The middle tier is a Fudge Marble Cake filled with
 Pure Chocolate Ganache.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Elegant Confirmation Cake

This classy custom designed cake was created for a
young man's Confirmation celebration.

The top tier of the cake features a handcrafted Rosary[prayer beads], and
 a Gold Cross with the Holy Spirit Dove, which is the symbol of Confirmation.

  The color scheme that was chosen for this cake was cream & gold,
with a subtle touch of deep red, as red is the color of 
the Confirmation robe that's worn at the church ceremony.

All the details on this cake, including the personalized name plaque and the filigree detail 
 are completely edible!

This is a moist yellow cake with smooth chocolate mousse filling
and layered with juicy fresh strawberries.