Thursday, May 31, 2012

'Cupcake' Cake for a 1st Birthday Celebration!

This fun and festive cake was custom designed for a
'Cupcake' themed 1st birthday party.
The cake looks particularly striking in varying shades of green, blue and purple, 
which was the color scheme for the party.

The adorable over-sized cupcake serves a dual purpose-
It is the cake topper for this attractive cake, and it is also the 'Smash Cake'**
 for the little birthday boy

This is a decadent Dark Chococlate Fudge cake with a fresh strawberry cheesecake filling.

The adorable little birthday boy with his smash cake :)
[Photos courtesy of Bentley's mom.]


A smash cake is typically given to the birthday child at their 1st birthday celebration, and is to be smashed, smeared, enjoyed and eaten by the birthday boy or birthday girl.

It's a sweet, tactile and completely photogenic way to include your child in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get down and dirty with his/her birthday cake -- literally!

Most birthday parties are celebrated with a cake, but now more and more 1st birthday parties boast two cakes, a large decorated cake and a single serving smash cake.

The birthday guest of honor gets to have fun with the smash cake, while the main birthday cake can be enjoyed by the guests, untouched by little hands.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Octonauts Cake!

The Octonauts are a crew of adorable animals who explore 
the ocean in search of adventure and fun!
It is a popular animated TV show for kids.

The little birthday girl is a huge fan of the show!

This beautiful & intricately detailed cake was custom designed 
for her 5th birthday party.
 Everything on this cake is handcrafted and 100% edible!

The characters featured on this cake are: 
Captain Barnacles Bear- the valiant polar bear leader, 
Kwazii Kitten- a daredevil kitten, 
Peso Penguin-a big-hearted penguin, and

 Turnip the Vegimal- a special underwater critter (part vegetable/part animal)
who loves to cook & bake cakes!!

All the characters are painstakingly handcrafted & completely edible

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Something Blue... Mini Cupcakes!

 Dainty blue Chocolate Truffle mini cupcakes
decorated with pretty pink flowers.

Decadent Chocolate Fudge mini cupcakes with a smooth chocolate truffle center. 
Frosted in delicious vanilla butter cream.

Tiny bites of heaven!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Green Art Party: Cupcakes & Cake.

Custom designed Art cupcakes for a child's birthday party.
The little birthday boy's favorite color is green,
and the party was held  at a children's art studio called 'Green Moon'..
So the choice of color for these cute cupcakes was a no brainer!

Paint Palettes and brushes are handcrafted and edible.
The birthday boy's cupcake is specially personalized with his initial.
Delicious Vanilla cupcakes with smooth Vanilla Cream Cheese frosting.

Splashes of paint in shades of green...
An easel, a paint palette, brushes and paint jars are
all hand crafted, and beautifully decorate this arty cake. 

Moist Vanilla Cake with Fresh Strawberries
and Vanilla Cream Cheese filling.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Cookie Monster! A 1st Birthday Cake.

This spectacular cake was custom made for 
a little boy's 'Cookie Monster' themed 1st Birthday Party.
The kooky-eyed Cookie Monster is a popular character from 
the well-loved kid's TV show, 'Sesame Street'.

The 3-Dimensional 'Cookie Monster' figure with his cookie jar 
 is hand sculpted & it's the highlight of this cake.
Everything on the cake is completely edible and delicious!

An aerial view of the cake shows off the specially 
designed & decorated cake board.

This is a wonderfully moist yellow cake,
generously filled with smooth chocolate mousse and
layered with sweet raspberry preserves...
Pure delight!

Pretty Personalized Cupcakes

Personalized Cupcakes... the birthday girl's special cupcake is 
embellished with a beautiful over-sized butterfly. 
Crafted from sugar paste- Completely Edible!

These Cupcakes were custom designed for a little girl's birthday celebration 
at pre-school.

These beautiful Vanilla cupcakes with smooth buttercream frosting
 are perfect for a child's birthday
Pink for the girls & green for the boys...individually personalized with each child's initial.