Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Princess Castle Cake

This pink castle cake was specially created for a little girl
who loves the color pink, and is crazy about Disney princesses! 

Every intricate detail of this beautiful castle cake 
is handcrafted and edible, 
and the little toy princesses elegantly embellish the cake.

Princess Aurora is the birthday girl's favorite, 
so she is positioned front and center, at the castle entrance.

 Top view of this gorgeous & girly Princess Castle cake,
personalized with the birthday girl's name on it.

Side view of the castle cake featuring details of 
the decorative castle towers, royal flags, and 
the beautiful castle gardens & ponds...

This is a luscious pink Strawberry cake with smooth & silky cream cheese filling.... 
making this castle cake 'totally" PINK, inside & out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pirate on a Treasure Island!

This beautifully detailed birthday cake was custom designed
 for a young boy's 'Pirate' themed Pool Party.

Intricate hand-crafted details on this cake include: 
the chubby lovable pirate, the treasure chest overflowing with gold coins,
 a shovel, a treasure map, the Jolly Roger pirate flag,
 and a palm tree on the treasure island.

The quintessential pirate's treasure island... 
surrounded by shark infested waters!! 

Everything on this cake is handmade & completely edible! 

This is a decadent Dark Chocolate Fudge cake,
 filled with Pure Chocolate-Peppermint Ganache.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: 3 Tier Cake!

This 3 tier custom designed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake 
was created for a little 3 year old boy's birthday party.

This little boy's mom really loved my previous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake:

However, she was having a much bigger party and wanted the cake to serve a lot more guests.
I decided to make this a 3 Tier Cake- enough to serve all her guests, 
while still maintaining the original design...
It turned out super cute!

Close up side views of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake,
 showing all the adorable design details!

The back of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake... 
It looks as amazing as the front!

Cake Flavors:
Bottom Tier- Delicious White Cake filled with velvety smooth Vanilla Cream Cheese filling
 and layered with fresh juicy strawberries.

Middle Tier- Triple Chocolate cake with decadent Chocolate Ganache filling.

Top Tier-Triple Chocolate Cake filled with velvety smooth Vanilla Cream Cheese filling
 and layered with fresh juicy strawberries.