Sunday, October 30, 2011

METS themed 50th Birthday Tribute

This cake was a special 50th Birthday surprise for a man from his wife.

The cake was custom designed to feature all his Favorite Things,
thus becoming a real tribute to the man.

The colors on the cake were inspired by the NY METS,
as that is his all-time favorite baseball team.
The cake topper features an over-sized bow, which is personalized with
his name bursting out in stars!

His 'Favorite Things' on the cake are all hand-crafted:
-An old music record of 'The Beatles' .
-Skis & Skiing Poles for Skiing.
-A NASA space shuttle.
-A hockey stick & puck for Ice Hockey.
-A baseball with the NY METS logo.
- A cup of lemon ice, from his favorite dessert place in Queens, NY-
'Benfaremo: The Lemon Ice King of Corona'.

Close-up detail of the NASA space shuttle
painstakingly hand-crafted from sugar paste.
Completely Edible!

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