Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Crazy for Cricket'... A Father's Day Cake

This Custom Designed Father's Day Cake was made for
the dads of 'The Stamford Cricket Club', Stamford, Connecticut.
They are all truly crazy for cricket!

Moist Rich Chocolate Cake, filled with Dark & Decadent Chocolate Ganache.
Frosted in Vanilla Sugar Paste, over a thin layer of Vanilla Butter Cream.

The Batsman poised with his Bat- Close up detail.
Handcrafted out of Sugar Paste.

The Fielder... diving for the catch!
Handcrafted out of Sugar Paste

The key players on the Cricket Field...
The Batsman with his Bat & The Bowler with his hands raised...
The Fielder diving for the ball...
and of course, the Umpire, who judges it all!


Val said...

Can I purchase the cricket people for my sons birthday cake from you. We live in Australia and he loves the cake

Nicole Patrick said...

Hello Val,
Due to the very delicate nature of these figures, I would be unable to ship them overseas.I apologize!
However, I do appreciate you contacting me & your interest in my work :).
Happy Birthday to your son!