Friday, April 15, 2011

A Birthday Tribute!

This unique cake was custom designed for a man's surprise birthday party.

It features his varied interests & hobbies, and reflects his true personality,
thus becoming a real tribute to the man.

Below: Badminton Rackets & a Shuttlecock. Handcrafted & edible!

Below: Table Tennis Paddles and Ball. Handcrafted & Edible!

Below: A Cricket Bat, Ball & Stumps, display a love for the game of cricket.
The sign below which says- 'Coming Soon- Bentley',
indicates a passion for collecting beautiful cars & a desire to acquire a Bentley!

Below: The top of the cake features the facade of his stately home,
his love for sunglasses, and his all-time favorite meal: Fried Chicken!
The man's name -'Raj', is strikingly prominent in gold & red,
and it ties all the various elements of the cake together!


Priya said...

Amazing... I so wish you were in India for me to order

uniquenikki said...

Nicole we Thank You for making an amazing cake for Raj. You truely captured all of Raj's interest in such detail. The chocolate filling was delicious! You are a true artist!! : )